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GBA Games

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb.

Hello minna-san ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Minna-san must have known about Game Boy Advance or GBA rights?
It's a gaming platform made by nintendo from a long time ago. Though it's old, many people still play GBA, especially since its computer program or what we called Visual Boy Advance (VBA) established.
Henceforth if we have computer/laptop that's compatible with VBA, we could play it with ease. Nowadays many people had sharing VBA game roms for free. Website that I often use for downloading games is Nicoblog and Coolrom.

Here's small review from Risu the game events capturer:
  + VBA games won't take many RAM or memory
  + Easy save and load system
  + Many good games

Now I wanted to share some VBA games that I like so much.

HARVEST MOON                                                                          

In VBA, there're HM FoMT and HM MFoMT. Both takes place in Mineral Town like Harvest Moon in PS 1, yet it has some feature that different with it. Check out my old post

SWORD OF MANA                                                                          

I had played this games since elementary school and get the ending at junior high school. Since I'm gonna write the ending post, please look forward to it's information later ;)

Small review from Risu the game events capturer:
  + Different Story for  Hero and Heroine
  + Many weapon and spirit with different effect on monster
  + Many event and NPC will changing dialog for some circumtances
  - Can't get both story in one play

SUMMON NIGHT : Swordcraft story                                              
I had played both at junior high school and overall it's a good game.
It had different stories/plot but same fight mode.

In Summon Night: Swordcraft 2, the player is an orphan from the Colthearts clan raised by a Craftknight (a smith/warrior). The character aspires to be a Craftknight as well. The player character, either Edgar Colthearts or Aera Colthearts, who are Edge Fencers, find themselves at the site of an abandoned ruin, where a violent Summon Beast named Goura is awakened. In order to protect their new family, Edgar/Aera is bound to a wild Summon Beast (stray summon) and embarks on a journey to reseal the ruins. (credit: wikipedia)
Things that makes Summon Night different than other games is, its have Weapon durability (look the weapon durability gauge in the picture before). If the durability gauge used up, the weapon will break. Once, I had broke many weapons while fought enermous monster. Fortunately, our player are a craftknight who knows how to craft weapon. He/she also could repair and adjust our weapon to better shape. Unique right? ;)

ORIENTAL BLUE : Ao no Tengai                                                    

It's SERIOUSLY take a long time to get it's ending -_-
Maybe it's like playing Aveyond : Mel story from start until end without stopping.
Small review from Risu the game events capturer before I post the ending:
  + Good art and avatar
  + Many event and NPC will changing dialog for some circumtances
  - Good plot, yet very long

GOLDEN SUN SAGA                                                                       

This saga contain 3 series, with the first two series played in GBA while the last one played in NDS.

First Golden Sun summary (credit to wikipedia with some editing by writer)
The prevalent force of Alchemy in Weyard's ancient past enabled the development of great civilizations. However, this thriving period eventually gave way to worldwide conflict that subsided only with the sealing away of Alchemy.The keys to unlocking Alchemy, the four Elemental Stars which hold the pure power of the four elements, are hidden within the mountain shrine, Mt. Aleph, which in turn is guarded by the town of Vale at the mountain's base. In the game's prologue, Saturos and Menardi, with help from a raiding party, storm Mt. Aleph with the intention to seize the Elemental Stars for themselves. They fail to solve the riddles guarding the stars and are driven away by the mountain's trap, a magically generated thunderstorm and rock slide.
Three years later, Isaac, Garet, and Jenna join their teacher, Kraden, in his research of Mt. Aleph. Their research coincides with a second raid of the sanctum by Saturos and Menardi, now assisted by Felix and Alex, who coerce Isaac into giving them three of the four stars.The volcano erupts before they can retrieve the final star, but before escaping they capture Jenna and Kraden as eventual bargaining chips. The guardian of Mt. Aleph, the Wise One, appears before Isaac and Garet and instructs them to prevent Saturos' group from casting the Elemental Stars into their respective Elemental Lighthouses across Weyard; if this happens, Alchemy will be restored and the period of instability will begin anew.
Isaac and Garet pursue Saturos' group to the Mercury Lighthouse, joined by Ivan and Mia. Despite their best efforts, they fail to prevent Saturos from activating Mercury Lighthouse with the Mercury Star. Saturos' group leaves for the next Lighthouse with Isaac's party remaining in pursuit. In the ensuing chase, Isaac learns that Saturos has taken another Adept hostage: the female Jupiter Adept, Sheba. Saturos and Menardi activate the Venus Lighthouse with the Venus Star, and are confronted by Isaac's party immediately thereafter. Attempting to annihilate their opponents, Saturos and Menardi magically merge to form a massive two-headed dragon, but Isaac's party slay Saturos and Menardi for good. The remnants of Saturos' group, headed by Felix and Alex, continue their quest to light the remaining two Lighthouses, with Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden still with them.
On the Second Golden Sun: The Lost Age, we played as Felix party to light the remaining two lighthouses while escaping from Isaac's party. Honestly I really like this series, It makes me think that the hero opponent wasn't always evil and sometimes hero can make mistakes too. In the end, Isaac and Felix party will combine and take the ending. I'll post the ending on another post okay, please be patient ;)

On the last Golden Sun: The Dark Dawn, we played as Matthew party.  
Dark Dawn begins thirty years after the conclusion of The Lost Age.
Because Isaac and the others brought the power of the Golden Sun to Weyard, continents shifted, new countries emerged, and new species appeared. However, Psynergy Vortexes, which suck the elemental Psynergy from both the land and the power-wielding Adepts, are appearing all over Weyard. Dark Dawn follows the adventures of the descendants of Isaac and his friends as they attempt to resolve the problems caused by the Psynergy Vortexes. (Credit: wikipedia)
Matthew is the descendant of Isaac and of course his party consist from our heroes son/daughter ^^
I believe Golden Sun: The Dark Dawn will need another series to be continued, yet until today there aren't any news about this new series.

Until now I still have my save data before ending for every Golden Sun series, but it's pretty hard to combine every series ending without experiencing the story itself. So, if you wanted to know and understanding their stories and endings, I recommend you to play this game! Fighting!! ( ᐛ )و

Okay, that's some games that I had played and of course I recommend all of those games!
Maybe there are another game you wanted me to play? I'd be glad if you wanted to share some information about your fav game X3

Behold of Risu the Game Events Capturer power and see you next time! ^^
Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb.

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