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Ella's Hope Walkthrough

Credit: casual games thanks for your tutorial~ helping ;)

In this game you will play as Ella, or if you would rather to think of it in another way, Ella will always be part of your team. The walkthrough is written as if you are Ella though. Movement is made with either the keyboard arrows or mouse or a combination of the two (my fave). If your mouse or screen size is not working properly, be sure you have the most recent version where these have been fixed. The game author also frequents the forums at her website,, so if you have any operating problems, you can ask a question there.

If you want to go into a windowed mode or back to full screen, you can use alt+enter or F12. If you wish to turn off the game sound, hitting F1 will bring up a screen that allows you to uncheck the two play sounds boxes.. The game interface uses a combination of the esc key, space bar, and enter key for the keyboard. On the mouse, the left button acts as the space bar and the right button acts as the escape button.

The game is scored at the end of the game. You will not see your running score during the game. Your score will be a combination of quest points (out of 330 at last count), finding sky orbs (I believe only 49 have been found so far), and final exam score (out of 20). The final score is out of 50 points.

At the beginning of the game you are given the option of choosing your difficulty level. If you have not played this type of game before, you should really play it on the easy mode. If you don't like fighting, then choose the story mode. However, the fighting is just challenging enough on easy mode to make the game enjoyable without getting too frustrating.

In addition to progressing through the game, fighting is also important to get gold and experience. You will need gold to buy different potions and armament to assist in your fighting. You will need experience levels to become strong enough to fight effectively.

Sidequests are a very important component of your score. You need to talk to everyone if you want to find sidequests, and you need to talk to them more than once since sometimes once thing needs to be done first before a character will initiate a sidequest. Always choose to be helpful and nice as that will provide you with quest points and/or bonuses later on. Somestiems a quest is team member dependent and you will want to talk to some people with a different set of team members.

You can change your team by pressing A from the main play screen.

Bonus items are found in chests, barrels, drawers, and such. Sky orbs are frequently found tucked behind a tree or in a tiny cave. If you can't get into a small spot, you will have the chance to do so when you have Areth the fairy with you. Some chests will be locked initially but eventually you will get the skill to unlock those chests and the opportunity to return to do so.

The walkthrough is split up into the Main Quest and Sidequests and Extras. Just click on the link. Screenshot maps are included in the Main Quest section. Items circled in blue are necessary for the main quest. Items circled in red are either sidequest items, bonuses, or sky orbs. If an interior of a building is not shown, it means that there is nothing to do in there or that it is very obvious what to do inside. I have circled any doors that require entry though. I would still go in each building if possible and talk to everyone but at least you don't have to waste your time clicking on every single items. Items circled in purple will be available to explore at a later time upon your return back. (You will return to Draygor Castle and the Snow Fields a second time.

Hints for fighting:

- You will choose between Attack, Skill, Defend, and Item. If you choose an attack or skill that only affects one enemy you will also need to select the enemy to hit. If you choose a skill or item that will affect only one team member you will need to choose the team member including that particular person.
- Enemies become stronger and strong as the game progresses, but so do you as long as you gain experience.
- Fight everything you come across in the beginning to increase your experience level.
- If you lose a battle, you will get a Game Over screen, but you will be able to go back to an Auto Save point or your own save point.
- Save before a big battle because sometimes the Auto Save point is a bit further back than you might want to replay.
- There is no published table (so far) that explains each enemy's attack method and weaknesses. The programmer published a strategy guide, but it did not give many specifics regarding how to fight. I ended up forgetting to even look at those.
- As you are fighting, pay attention to what happens to your enemies as each character metes out damage. Take note of which spells are most effective against each type of enemy and then use them.
- Try different approaches until you find something that works. I probably overused the spells, but it worked for me! I also like spells that hit all the characters at once, which was probably just lazy on my part.
- Sometimes direct attacks are more effective than using a spell.
- It is handy to stun, paralyze, put to sleep an enemy so that you can concentrate your firepower on just one enemy at a time. Also take that time to regenerate your party as necessary when your enemies are down. Personally I like using spells that hit all the characters at once.
- Also take note of the fact that sometimes your attack will actually give your enemy energy. White numbers are a decrease and green numbers are an increase.
- As the game progresses along, your characters will get more and more powerful spells. Always check out your new ones as they are frequently given to you just in time to be helpful.
- Some spells will "revive" a team member and some will "remove negative states." Revival is necessary when your team member has actually disappeared from the screen. You cannot use a revival potion unless your character is "exhausted."
- The spell that removes negative states is particularly helpful as you do not need to pick the right potion and it can remove more than one type of negative state at a time.
- You can also remove negative states by using the item choice and select the potion that will solve the problem. Note that you can use a weaker character to provide more health points (HP) or magic points (MP) to a character that is losing them but is a stronger fighter.
- One suggestion is to choose characters (once you get to do so) that that have the most MP available for use. I found the spells were just much more effective than raw power.
- Equipping your character with the right equipment can be very helpful. You should note that your weapon will frequently have an elemental attack. It is particularly important not to use an attack that will give your enemy an enemy boost.
- SP and MP are the same thing.
- Most enemies will disappear after you battle them but a few will regenerate each time you re-enter their area. Good news is that at least you will get more gold and experience when you fight them again.
- A lot of battles can be avoided by running past your enemy but don't do that until your experience has been built up.
- You will want to purchase enough potions and such to help you get through a fight or rejuvenate afterwards. Extremely helpful are nut tonic (50% HP and 50% MP), taiku essence (60% MP), and taiku drops (25 MP points) plus those that will revive your character from exhaustion. By the end you really should have about 30 or so to keep your team in fighting form.
- Save whenever you can before you get to a fight while you are figuring out your party's effective moves.
- Try to remember to unequip your team before you talk to the guardian to return home. That way if your team members change you will have all of the equipment available.
- I have yet to figure out exactly what all the information on the equip page means, which means you don't need to know it either to play. I just figured that if the equipment upped my numbers it was probably a good thing. I did pay attention to the elemental attacks because having for example an Ice attack on an icy level is basically useless because you will energize your enemies. Also Ella has a paralyzing attack on her basic weapon that may be more handy than something more powerful. The main thing to remember is that if you are not experienced at this type of battling to play easy or be prepared to save and play over while you pay attention to what each attack does to your enemy.

Angel's Gate
Main Quest
- Wake up and go upstairs to talk to your boss, Ernestine.
- Go to pick up a package at the Angel Gate Store.

- Return to Ernestine who wants you to deliver a letter to a guest upstairs.
- Deliver the letter to the Guardian and then you can go find Cal.

- Work your way to the south.
- Pick up the stick and equip it as your weapon.
- Talk to Cal at the Mountain Pool

- Wake up in room and go up to the main floor to pick up the basket blocking your way
- Go south to get eggs from Maud
- On your way up you will save the man from the monster.
- Guardian Heller will give you an admission scroll for the Trial.
- Finish looking around the South Mountains before you go to the Trial as you won't be able to return later.

- Go up to the Trial Clearing and enter the Guardian Trials.
- Chose one of the 4 trials below. Each one will give you different capabilities that you will then carry on through the rest of the game. Personally, I liked the Strong Conviction as Ice Bow and Needle Rain were useful later.
     Strong Conviction - Ice Bow, Storm Pendant, learn Needle Rain. Fight Mesi, a water monster.
     Free Spirit - Storm Bow, Storm Pendant, learn Cunning Breeze. Fight Haizea, an air monster.
     Might and Force - Furnace Bow, Fire Pendant, learn Flame Point. Fight Saraf, a fire monster.
     Caring Heart - Forest Bow, Earth Pendant, learn Rock Will. Fight Akamu, an earth monster.
- When you enter be sure to go to all 4 chests to get your weapons and spells. Equip your weapon before you approach your opponent. While fighting, select Skill and then the spell you learned. If you happen to lose, go fight some more bees to increase your experience. Also be sure to use your Item choice to renew your HP/MP if need be.
- Upon finishing, choose to argue with the Guardian. After finishing up, go to the Angel Stone.

Side Quests and Extras

-Find the Witching History Book: Get the Witching History Book from inside Maud's house on a table-- to be continued in The Good Witch.
-Throw gold in the well
-Find a stick and equip it.
-Find a Peasant Hat
-Receive a ring : Don't wake the sleeping boy; talk to him after the Trials to receive a ring.
-Read memoirs of an Adventurer: On the top floor of the inn, read Memoires of an Adventurer.

-Touching the Angel Stone before the trial will give you 5 H P
The Clouds of Estis

Main Quest and Extras
- Walk around and meet the other six guardian candidates.
- Speak to Guardian Arden for your first assignment.

-Receive a letter from Ernestine.
-Talk to Guardian Jo about Sky Orbs.
-Talk to the Frog Elder about his cloud frog kin on Estis.
-Read 2 books in the library.

A Castle Wedding
Main Quest
- Talk to the Guardian about the quest.
- Talk to Princess Aryana about the missing toys and books.

- Talk to the butler, he will give you a pass to get to the treasury.
- To clear out the treasury, you will need to fight a lot of worms. Be sure to equip your team with all of the available items. Also remember that you can rest for free on the top floor and regenerate all of your HP and MP. Use your skills.
- Talk to the strange prince in the castle entrance.
- Go and check on the guard blocking the dungeons. Kill all of the mice on the way to get experience points. You won't need your skills to do so.
- Go underground from the dungeons--see blue circled pot
- You can choose to fight the worms and go upstairs to rest when you want.
- Go through the opening to the northeast.

- Find the little girl in the underground room.
- Go back to the castle and find her brother (top floor, southeast, in the closet)
- Bring them to Princess Aryana who now wants you to find the missing kitchen maid. Be sure to rest before heading out to the wood.
- If you want clear out the bugs from the cupboard, go ahead and do so to increase your experience level.
- Go back through the underground passage to Murkwell Woods.

- Fight your way up to man in the road but don't engage him yet.
- Find Hardy the salesman and buy some restorative items.
- If you want, go into the cave nearby and pick up the silver knife (and then equip someone with it).
- You might want to consider taking a nap back in the castle if necessary.
- Find and defeat Marec, the man in the road, to access the buildings.
- Enter the right side of the house and defeat the 3 men and pick up a door key.
- Go to the left side of the house, where the kitchen maid and Prince Roderigo are being held captive.
- Take a rest if needed.
- Pick up some restorative items from Hardy just in case, as you will have a big battle to get back to the castle.
- On the way back to the castle, defeat Ezorah, who was impersonating Prince Roderigo.
- Go back inside. The real prince and maid go off and you need to talk to Princess Aryana to complete the main quest and receive a reward (if you choose poetry and then click on it in the item list and Leah will learn a new spell.)
- Complete any sidequests and return to the Guardian.

Side Quests and Extras

-Find the kitchen maid's hair ribbon: To find the kitchen maid's hair ribbon, talk to the kitchen maid in the kitchen first. The ribbon is in the woods north of Hardy, the salesman, under a tree.
-Clean the infested cupboard.
-Find the wedding ring: To find the wedding ring, talk to the prince in the royal hall first. His ring is in a cave covered by spiderwebs in the southwest corner of the underground section.
-Find 2 Sky Orbs.
-Find a piece of Gleaming Rock : To find the piece of Gleaming Rock, look in the drawer of the right hand room in the treasury (where you fought the worms.)
-Find a Silver Knife: To find the silver knife, go to the end of the right fork in the cave out in the woods.
-Have Leah learn Lyrical Voice: Leah will learn Lyrical Voice if you choose the book of poetry from the Princess and then click on the book in your item list when Leah is in your party.
The Clouds of Estis

Main Quest and Extras
- Find Leah and go with her to the Examination Room to talk to Guardian Heller.
- Kill some time and wander around. Do your side quests.
- Get some potions from the recovery section.
- Return to the Exam Room and talk to Guardian Heller, and he will then transport you to the trial.

Sidequests and extras:
- Talk to Edward, who looks like an old man due to an enchantment. (to be continued in The Good Witch.)
- When you are with Leah, go to the library and find the Book of Doves in the southwest corner. Next time you have Areth in the party, she can learn a new spell.
- Receive a letter from Hamish.

Ella's Trial

Main Quest

- Work your way down the trial lane.

- Flip the switches (4) and you can pick up the Excellence Ring at the end. Be sure to give it to Ella.
- Talk to the Guardian and return to the Clouds
- Take a nap in your room and then talk to Guardian Arden for the next assignment.

The Melting Village
Main Quest

- Upon arrival equip your team members with the best items. Remove all items that have an elemental attack of Ice. Don't use any spells that are cold like Areth's mist.
- Talk to the mayor.

- Talk to the oracle in the caves to the west.
- Take a nap at the inn.
- Talk to the mayor again.
- Go into the mayor's house and enter the Under Caves through the hole in his house.
- Arm your team in Ice again. Also dwarves seem to not like lightning shots at all.

- Talk to the dwarf who is blocking the way to a huge dragon.
- Go to the Dwarf Headquarters and talk to the chief.
- Talk to dwarves inside to find a place to rest, to buy food, and a weapon maker Take the chief's gold coin back to the dwarf who will now allow you to pass.
- Confront the dragon. She will leave if you find her Rainbow Gem, which was stolen.
- Go to one of the blue dwarves to get the gem and bring it back to the dragon.
- Don't forget to pick up your blade before leaving, if you are doing that sidequest.
- Exit out to the Snow Fields.

- Talk to the man to the north, who has lost three necklaces and also his son.
- Go west and then north to enter the North Pass.

- Defeat Cethin, who is standing in front of a cave and retrieve the missing boy.
- Bring him back to his father and also bring back the necklaces
- You now need to enter the caves through a different entrance since you can't jump up the hole you fell down in.
- Go east and then south through the caves to return to the village.
- Talk to the mayor.
- Talk to the guardian to leave when you are ready.

Side Quests and Extras

-Find the Burning Blade: To find Burning Blade, go to the cave to the right of the oracle.
-Have one of the girls be Arthur's princess: Have one of the girls be Arthur's princess; he is in the left most cave on the first level; receive piggy bank and weapon gifts later. Feed the pig Golden Turnips as you get them (3 times) for 5000 gold each time.
-Give Gleaming Rock to the weapons maker dwarf: Give Gleaming Rock to weapons maker dwarf in the dwarf headquarters; he will give you the Terasu sword after the dragon leaves so don't forget to go back to get it.
-Find 3 missing necklaces.
-Give frozen bird to the farm: The frozen bird is on the far right reaches of the North Pass on the ground in the snow. Give it to the farmer who likes blue animals in the western snow fields.
-Find 2 sky orbs
- Get the Burning Blade before going to the Oracle. Arm Dayna with it. This will help against the wolves.
- Ella's Storm Arrow is good for wolves and golems.
- Cethin is weak to Thunder and can be put to sleep and be paralyzed.

The Clouds of Estis

Main Quest and Extra
- Go to the Official Building and talk to Dayna, Areth, and Leah.
- Go to Cal's room and talk to Cal and Marcus.
- Then talk to Guardian Arden for the next assignment.

- Talk to Guardian Kate, and Zoe, who wants her mother (to be continued in In Search of Friends.) 

The Wild Wood

Main Quest
- Talk the Guardian
- Talk to Hanz the merchant who called for help. Buy supplies as needed.

- Go northeast and talk to Humphrey, who is hungry.
- Go southwest to the Hill Fort and talk to the orc blocking your way in.
- Go east, find the missing orc, and bring him back to the Hill Fort.

- On the way look for food for Humphrey; eggs are necessary for a trade and evil mushrooms are a side quest.
- In the Hill Fort, talk to the cook. Offer him your eggs or go find them.
- Trade your eggs for stew.
- Bring the stew to Humphrey.
- Go further north to find a man who has passed out by his house.
- Enter his house and examine his journal and the box on the left.
- Go out into the woods and collect five blue flowers (there are 6 available).
- Bring them back to revive the old man by the house.
- Rest at his house until nightfall.
- Before jumping into the fairy portal, consider completing the night time sidequests.
- Jump to the fairy portal by walking to the southernmost edge and pressing the space bar.

- Enter Teyana and head east to another portal and enter the fairy village.
- Talk to the fairy in front of the painted cave at the top of the tall hill. She teaches River Rush to a party member.
- Leave the fairy village via the portal, and go to the top of the hill to the west. Whoever learned River Rush will automatically cast it there.
- Return to the house and rest. Do not rest until you complete the night side quests.
- In the morning, the woods have returned to normal.
- Talk to Hanz to complete the main quest.
Side Quests and Extras
- Find the missing clothes: To find the missing clothes, go to house to the east of the fort.
- Find the two missing children: To find the two missing children, go to the Guardian after you finish the main quest and he will suggest the quest. Then go talk to grandma in the last remaining unvisited house. You will find the children in the one other place you could not get to, the upstairs of the fort.
- Find the Evil Mushrooms: To find the Evil Mushrooms, talk to the man by campfire between talking to Humphrey the first time and giving him the stew. He is south between the eggs and the missing orc.
- Find 8 Sky Orbs (only 6 have been found--let us know if you find the other 2)
- Find the Moon Bloom: To find the Moon Bloom, wander around at night near the old man's hut
- Find the Ayla Bow: To find the Ayla Bow, wander around at night and look near Humphrey's bridge to find a chest.
- Receive Golden Boots: Receive Golden Boots from the fairy who wants to be purple at the top of the hill to the right of where you cast the river rush spell. Go talk to her and she will give them to you after the main quest is complete (meaning talking to Hanz).
- Receive Fairy Thread: Receive Fairy Thread by saving the fairy who is being attacked by two squidoos.
- Receive Fairy Mushroom: Receive the Fairy Mushroom by offering the evil mushrooms to the mushroom fairy at anytime.
- Receive Fairy Cakes: Receive the Fairy Cakes from Areth's sister after the main quest is complete.
The Clouds of Estis

Main Quest and Extras
- Join everyone at the Frog Pond.
- Talk to Guardian Arden.
- Register for your exams in the Examination Room, where Guardian Heller is. You have 3 choices: Logic, speed, and fight. Logic is the only one that has actual answers to the questions, the others are (obviously) based on your abilities. Unfortunately this is not one where you can save and just give it a try. If you are trying for a high score and willing to use the answers, then do the logic.
- Return to Guardian Arden for the next assignment.

Sidequests and extras
- Receive a chest from Prince Roderigo, which contains Sterling Armor and a Mythril Bow. This is a reward for finding the wedding ring.
- Receive a chest from Tattusan Woods, which contains 200 gold. This is a reward for finding the two missing children.
- Receive a letter from Tattusan Woods saying a room will be decorated. This is a reward for finding the missing clothes.
- Receive a letter from Arthur to his princess saying she will find a piggy bank wandering around to the east.

The Good Witch

Main Quest
- Go into the house and talk to the witch.
- Then go to the town, Palnar, and talk to everyone there.
- The children in the lower left house were turned into frogs and one was carried off by a bird. You need to find that frog child.

- Three women in the house above are pretending to be witches.
- One woman, Fran, has lost her daughter (upper right house)
- Another woman who lives two doors to the left has a daughter who won't wake up (and a missing husband--side quest).
- Find the frog child north of the bounty hunter and return to his mother.
- When the candidates leave the frog's house, Ella is arrested for stealing.
- Go to the Bounty Hunters and talk to them.
- Go ask the Guardian to help; she won't.
- Find the woman pretending to be a Guardian to help you and bring her to the Bounty Hunters. She is in the second row of houses.
- Go back to the inn and rest.
- In the morning, Ella talks to the other candidates and gains the ability to open locked chests.
- Go to Fran's house in the upper right corner. Fran isn't home, so you can enter the back room.
- Try to talk to the old woman.
- The store that was shut before is not open. Buy a teddy bear and return it to the old woman.
- Go to the library and talk to Fran.
- Go back to Fran's house and take a spell book from a drawer. - Bring it to the good witch
- Meet the witch in Palnar and talk to her there to complete the main quest.
Side Quests and Extras
- Give a fishing rod to the fisherman: Find a fishing rod in the house where the man is moving out and give it to the fisherman.
- Deliver message to a bounty hunter: Deliver message from the head bounty hunter to another bounty hunter. He is hiding.
- Find Janae's missing husband: Find the woman's missing husband. He is hiding in the cave.
- Give Witching History book to Ada: Give the Witching History book to Ada.
- Receive Age Correction potion. (Sidequest continued back in the Clouds.)
- Find 6 Sky Orb
- Throw gold in well.
- Find a Golden Turnip: Find a Golden Turnip to feed to the piggy bank for 5000 gold
- Defeat the Palnar Terror and receive Dragon Ring: Defeat the Palnar Terror (in the cave) and receive Dragon Ring.
- Give Fairy Thread to Zayra and receive Zayra Cloak: Give Fairy Thread to Zayra, after looking at the order book; receive Zayra Cloak after the main quest.
- Give Fairy Mushroom to Byron; receive Fairy Mushroom Extract: Give Fairy Mushroom to Byron; receive Fairy Mushroom Extract after the main quest.
- Fight in the tournament to receive Azar Sword for Marcus, Archer's Cloak for Ella, mind and strength boost for Areth, and Cat Nips skill for Dayna.

The Clouds of Estis

Main Quest and Extras
- Talk to Sakari and Guardian Arden in the Research and Recovery Center.
- Purchase any potions and do sidequests before going on the quest.

- Give Age Correction potion to Edward.
- Receive package from Arthur to his princess; it's a special weapon for the chosen girl.
- Give golden turnip to piggy bank; receive 5000 gold.
- You can now go open locked chests.
In Search of Friends

Main Quest

- Travel south to find Tesla's house. Note that you can rest here for free. She says there is a mysterious place buried beneath the marsh.

- Find some rocks arranged in an F shape in the marsh.
- Go down the secret passage under one of the rocks.
- Talk to the cloud frogs and answer their questions as a sidequest.
- Find Cal in the throne room.
- Return to the marsh and head north through the marsh to some caves. Note that you won't be able to go past the village until you find Cal.

- You cannot enter the left cave.
- Head south and search for a mermaid in the marsh and bring her back to the caves.
- Enter the cave and find Leah.

- Go back to Tesla's house and talk to her to complete the main quest.
- Talk to the Guardian when you are done.

Side Quests and Extras
- Repair the bridge to save the man on the other side.(get wood from the man by the campfire and then rope from the man who tied himself to a tree): Repair the bridge by getting wood from the man by the campfire and then rope from the man who tied himself to a tree near the village.
- Arrange to reunite Molly with her daughter Zoe: Arrange to reunite Molly with her daughter Zoe by talking to her mother in the village.
- Find 6 Sky Orbs: Find 6 Sky Orbs. Get one from a frog and another in the right cave.
- Receive a Golden Turnip: Receive a Golden Turnip from a frog
- Answer the Frogs' riddles to receive items: Answer the Frogs' riddles to receive items.--gold, volcano, stamp, nose, peacock, incorrectly, coffin
- Find 5 Marsh Gems for a frog and receive Scroll of Dampness.
- Find and fight the water monster to receive Mesi's Crown if Ella fought the water monster in the guardian trials.
The Clouds of Estis

Main Quest and Extras
- Find a letter on your doorstep.
- Find and talk to Leah, Cal, and Dayna (in any order).
- When ready, go to the post office and open the two chests behind the troll. You are automatically transported to the party.
- Give Scroll of Dampness to Frog Elder and learn Sludge Hold.
- Receive letter from Jake; contains Teyana leaf. (This is a reward for finding the fishing rod.)
- Give golden turnip to piggy bank and receive 5000 gold.

The Castle Ball

Main Quest
- Talk to everyone.
- Find Areth top level and Dayna in the treasury. Each girl will join the party.
- Talk to the chef, who says the kitchen maid is gone again.
- Go underground passage and find the maid to the south.
- Take her back and she will leave once she knows her way back.
- Find the ghost in the back room in the underground.
- Talk to the captain in the dungeon.
- Find his three gold discs (by the troll, on the top floor, and in the entrance hall) and return to receive a toy treasure map. Talk to Prince Noreth and trade the toy treasure map for the real treasure map.
- Bring the real treasure map to the ghost, who now wants to fight.
- Defeat the ghost to complete the main quest.

Side Quests and Extras
- Find appropriate party attire for Nayrem who is outside: Find appropriate party attire for Nayrem. He is outside in the southwest by the lake. He will be happy with the clown bow tie.
- Find 2 Sky Orbs: Find 2 Sky Orbs in small openings.
- Talk to Edward. The age correction potion worked! He is at the party.
- From Fairy Chase game, obtain a Ninja Outfit. Save before you play or just after you start so you can get this outfit! Even when you know where the fairies are, you still have to be fast.
- Help the clown make up funny jokes to receive clown bow tie: Find the clown in the cupboard. He wants help with his jokes. The answers are ____, squash, and trip a waiter. You will not receive a bow tie until after the main quest is done. Then go to the throne room to talk to the clown again.
- From the Magic Show, obtain a pet rabbit, and obtain three trashy romance novels (to save money in the next chapter) or a Book of Logic. This is down in the treasury.
- Find a Golden Turnip in the treasury
- Find Isra Blades in cave.
- Find Thaumaturgist to the south by another lake and receive Nature Gem.
- Find and fight the earth monster (Akamu) from the guardian trials; receive a weapon if Ella fought him before. (if not done prior time through)
- Receive a Darkness Clock from Tilthan at the party
- Find Seren Staff outside in the chest 

The Clouds of Estis--Final Exam

Main Quest and Extras
- Save before taking your exam so you can go back and improve your score if you want.
- Then talk to Guardian Heller to be transported to your exam.
- I have only played the logic and fighting exams but I have seen on the forums that the speed one is hard to beat.
- The fighting exam does not allow you to use your potions; however, you are allowed to heal yourself. Apprently it affects your score.
- If you don't want the answers for the logic exam, just save before you go in and keep trying.

Here are the questions with the answers:

- Your past influences who you are now. Who you are to be is influenced by now. Therefore you have no control over the future. False
- Fighters get so hungry they could eat a horse! I have been fighting all day. I should eat a horse. False
- Fighters gain pride from victory. The fighter has just won his battle. Therefore the fighter must now have more pride. True
- All old people are wise. My friend is wise. Therefore he must be old. False
- The water is cold. I am in the water. I therefore am cold. False
- Spoken by a dwarf. Dwarves think only of gems. I am thinking. So I must be thinking of gems. True
- Time conquers even the mountains. I am not a mountain. Time cannot conquer me. False
1. What color did you see moving the most? Blue.
How many times the blue square got pressed in a row? Four.
What color was the tenth square to move? Green.
2. What color square was first pressed? Green.
What color was the one just before last? Purple.
What color was the sixth one? Purple.

Don't understand the logic? Visit and visit the forums where Eridani herself explains her logic for each answer.

- Find Sky Axe and Nimble Ring from the chest in Edward's room.
- Give golden turnip to piggy bank; receive 5000 gold.

- When the exam is over, you will be transported to a council of the angels.
- Return to the Clouds and pick up potions if you need it. Get your last 5000 gold if you have a turnip.
- Talk to Guardian Heller outside the Official Building when ready.

Grounded on Estis

Main Quest
- Go east to enter the house that was locked the last time.
- Go upstairs and take the Aura Pendant from the chest and equip it on Areth.
- Go through the North Pass where you weren't able to go before.
- Then, go through the Mountain Tunnel to reach Laynia.
- Sakari is there and joins the party.
- Talk to the old lady who says the children are missing, and everyone is out searching.
- Go through the Ice Caves to the Hills of Rin and work yourself east.

- Talk to Dayna is in the house with Guardian Heller who is not well.
- Rest for the night.
- Head back and discover the missing children are hidden inside snowmen.
- Find seven snowmen that are hiding the children.
- Talk to the old lady again.
- You are transported back to the house where Guardian Heller is awake now.
- Go back to the North Pass.
- You will fight Cethin and Ezorah at the top of the pass, so save when you get out before you head up after you exit the Mountain Tunnel.
- Tanith the dragon is waiting in the Snow Fields. She will take you to Virinia when you are ready.

Side Quests and Extras
- Find the mermaid's missing earring:  Throw a hefty pile of gold into the well that is in the northwest
- Find something to help Terpin's ill wife: He will ask for help, then go to the fairies in the Cave Garden and one will tell you to find a yellow Dawn Flower. This flower is south of the house where you found Dayna.
- Help the fairies heal their Cave Garden by giving them the Nature Gem if you received during the Castle Ball.
- Help heal the amazing Cave Tree: Talk to Flander in the cave while Sakari is in your party. You need to find a red butterfly, which is all the way back in the Snow Fields inside the cave there. Bring the butterfly back.
- Help Graham, who is being attacked by two giant cyclops.
- Find 8 Sky Orbs.
- Use the trashy romance novels to enter the Snow Fields house for free.
- Pick up the puzzled bird from the farmer.This is only if you gave it to him during the Melting Village level.
- Have Dayna learn Claw Flurry. Dayna can learn Claw Flurry from the cat people in the Mountain Shelter, if she won in the tournament in the Good Witch chapter. She needs to be in the party to learn it.
- Find and fight the air monster (Haizea) from the guardian trials and receive Haizea's cape if Ella fought her in the guardian trials.

Homeward Bound

Main Quest
- Go to the dragon village to the east and talk to Ryvack about the missing eggs.

- Then leave the caves and go south to the village of Plamen.
- Talk to the mercenaries and agree to do a quest for them.
- Go back to the Caves of Nur and kill the two-headed serpent that is wandering around one screen south of Tanith.
- Return to the mercenaries.
- They don't have the dragon eggs, but suggest the fire spirits might have taken them.
- Go to the fire spirits' cave in the west part of the Caves of Nur. It is too hot to enter.
- Go down to Plamen and talk to the armor merchant.
- Pay him 1000 gold to make an inferno amulet.
- While he is working, go back to the dragon village and collect Dayna, Cal, and Sakari.
- Now the armor merchant has finished making the amulet. Go get it and equip it on Ella.
- Return to the fire spirits' cave and defeat them.
- The party is transported back to Ryvack in the dragon village.
- Go all the way down the mountain to Huyana Woods. Guardian Jo is in a house there.
- Rest for the night..
- Find Guardian Arden in Mildryth in the northernmost house.
- Go to your foster parents' house.
- Before resting at the inn, complete any side quests that deal with the children.
- Rest at the inn.
- Talk to Guardian Arden at the house in Huyana Woods.
- When ready, go through the broken mirror.

Side Quests and Extras
- Help the ailing Fire Drake To help the ailing Fire Drake, go back to free him. You will then talk to Lilith who is in the left-most cave in Huyana Woods and then all the way back up to see Tanith where you started. - Get the broken statue fixed. Go into the first house on way to Plamen, get the statue, take it back to the human in the Dragon Kingdom, and then return it.
- Get the broken statue fixed
- Get Dragon Sword from Junk Shop. To get the Dragon Sword from Junk Shop, you need to have Dayna in your party.
- Bring food to Stefan's brother and receive Speed Boots. Stefan is up the ladders in Plamen and to find his brother you need to go west in the caves and then south.
- Find and fight the fire monster (Saraf) from the guardian trials and receive a weapon if we fought him before.
- Punch the plant at the mercenaries' house and receive Warrior Gloves or Excelsior Gloves.
- Learn Melee Rush from the mercenary Lamont
- Help Alfie get Brionny's attention by giving her a Rare Seedling. See below for getting the seedling.
- Give the puzzled bird to Gustaff who is in the other house in Huyana Woods.
- Talk to Benjamin who is down in the southwest corner of Huyana woods. His long lost love wears a sparkling necklace. (This sidequest is continued back in the Clouds.)
- Defeat the Nastee who has trapped the girl at the Herb Garden.
- Find Anna's sister.
- Find Lilly's cat. It is in Mildryth, northeast corner in the big tree.
- Kill the dangerous wolf for Michal. He is through the butcher's store. Then go to Huyana Woods to find the woods.
- Give Inferno Amulet to last dwarf at Jill's party. It must be unequipped.
- Find 17 Sky Orbs.
- Give Moon Bloom to Briget in the herb garden to receive a flower ribbon or petal pendant. Near herb gardent
- Give Evil Mushroom to Frankie, who is on the way to Guardian Arden and receive a Rare Seedling.
- One character may receive a boost from the fairy spa which is upstairs from the party.
- Before leaving, show Sky Orbs to Guardian Jo and receive stat boosts. 

Children of the Cold

Main Quest
- Go outside and enter the house on the right.
- Defeat Cethin to obtain the Warden Key.
- Go east to the castle on the hill and enter the right side door.
- Pull down the lever and take the House Key from a drawer.
- Go back toward the west and enter the house on the left.
- Talk to the children inside and then exit.
- Fight another battle to obtain the Jailer Key.
- Go back to the castle on the hill and enter the left side door.v - Pull down the lever.
- Enter the middle door of the castle and check out the end of the corridor.
- Go back outside and follow the faded angel down a well. A
- Go back out to where you started.
- Fight yet another battle to obtain the Portal Key.
- Go back to the castle to the pedestal at the end of the long corridor.
- Before leaving, stock up on potions down in the well.
- Teleport to Eselyt's Lair and defeat a series of six bosses to reach Eselyt. Then defeat her guards and finally defeat Eselyt. Leah will transports them out of the lair to save everyone's lives.

Side Quests and Extras
- Kill the lake monster, so the spirit can return to the lake. You need to find the mermaid by the lake to initiate this quest.
The Clouds of Estis

Main Quest and Extras
- Ella wakes up in the Recovery and Research Center. Guardian Arden is ouside, waiting to take Ella to the graduation ceremony.
- Leah, Dayna, and Sakari fail. Marcus and Areth pass. Cal passes only if Ella rejected him. Ella passes only if your combined score on the sidequests, sky orbs, and exam is high enough. []

- Talk to Carise. She is the long lost love of Benjamin from Homeward Bound.

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  1. Hello, great to see someone want to posted full and detailed walkthrough for this game. It helps me a lot, thanks :D
    About the sky orbs in the wild wood, I don't know which sky orbs you can't find so i'll just list it all (I got this from Elyona) :
    1. Just as you enter the woods, just below the log to the left of the merchant, it is completly hidden.
    2. Above the single tree below the man's house whose is missing his clothes, it is completly hidden.
    3. Below the troll hideout, it is completely visible.
    4. It is on the same screen as the angry chicken, go down the first dead end path and it is near the end, completly hidden.
    5. At the very bottom of the inlet next to where the troll you are looking for is, completly hidden.
    6. In Tenyana, go straight when you first get there then go all the way up, it next to the fairy who wants to turn purple, it is completly visible.
    7. In Tenyana go straight once, then right, and right after you enter the scene you will see it, it is completly visible.
    8. In Teyana, in the first scene of the fairy village at the very top, it is completly visible.

    I have question, do you know how many endings in this game? Although I haven't finished this game yet, But, i am curious with the story and endings xD

  2. Hi Larasanti, thanks for your comment ^^ and sorry for my late reply.
    For Ella's Hope ending, I had posted it in ->
    Well of course it's contains a spoiler, so I suggest you finished it first.

    For your question, I think the ending most people get is like what I had posted. Yet, maybe there're another ending that occurs when Ella failed her exam or reject Cal confession. Well, I never tried it since it means I had to start the game again ^^v