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Ahriman Prophecy Walkthrough -two-

Chapter 19: Passion Cave
 Important: Glass Key, Passion Relic
 Common: Nymph Crystal, 356 gold pennies, Snow Pendant,
Side quests: find the rest of the relics (Passion, Fire, Dream, Water)
Recommended Class: 41

Train in the Dwarf Mines until you reach class 42 or so. After that and I sold all of the extra equipment, I had more than 11000 gold, a good “down payment” on future upgrades! I stayed in the first area, going along the first path, then up the track a bit until the monsters to the south “reset”, then came back and wiped the four out, returning to the “reset” spot and repeating the process. By then, the monsters weren't that difficult, but still took maybe five shots to kill.

When you are finished, head back to Glass Key Cave, to see if you can finally claim the key. If you had completed everything up to now, you should be able to. When I was there, and able to claim the key, it said “Your heart is pure / take this key and endure” Finally! The Glass Key is ours!
Now, as promised, another relic (this one is by far the easiest one of the six - no boss fight). Remember that cave blocked by a ram in the snowy north? If you don't remember how to get there, ride the canoe all the way north, to the very end (or, rather, beginning) of the river. With Fredrick assuring the ram that it's OK, you'll gain access. The ram will move out of the way. Enter the “Passion Relic Cave”.
First, know that this part of the cave is a one-time deal - once you rescue the maiden at the end, you won't be able to go back and pick any treasure that you missed, so be sure to get it your first time here!
This cave, like the Glass Key Cave, isn't all that complicated. The first thing I noticed was that this cave is quite beautiful, with crystalline walls, blue flames for light, and an overall icy feel to it. Head west, and north (though the gate). There will be a pedestal near the gate with some very strange markings on it. I haven't found any use for it, so I assume that it is simply part of the background and to provide visual interest to the cave. I had initially thought that these were markers of your current floor, and as you went up/down floors, the markings would change to reflect it. However, they stay the same throughout the cave, so I believe that they're just there.
The monsters in here are the same ones as in the Glass Key Cave - Purple Frogs and Evil Butterflies. Since I assume that you've already had Poison Rings equipped, I won't bother to tell you that the Poison Frogs are poisonous and to be careful if you don't have Marsh Tea or Poison Rings.
At the intersection, head northwest. Two Purple Frogs and two Evil Butterflies guard a chest. Defeat them, and open the chest for a Nymph Crystal. It's the only one like it in the world, but a very good item to have. Equip it on Talia (whom is the only one who can wear it).
Head back southeast, to the intersection. With a bit of exploring, you'll find only one more path to take, the one northwest. Take it, circling around to the end. You'll end up one floor above, and a little east of the gate. Take the cave and into the next area.
In here is one, large room. I'm not sure if this looks this way to you, but there were large patches of blank white spots all around the room. There isn't anything here, so head north, up the stairs. Follow the path north and into the next area. By the way, the area next to the path (in the middle part) also had large blank spots, only they were a faded blue color.
The next room is a rather large labyrinth. It's not hard to get around, since there aren't too many dead ends. Simply follow my directions to clean out the treasure in one fell swoop, and move on to the next area. Head east, then north. At the intersection, head a little east, then north. You'll see a path leading west. Take the first room north. Inside is a treasure chest with 356 gold pennies in it.
Head back south, then follow the path west. Oh, rats! A dead end! Backtrack, following the path east, then south. At the intersection, head east. Head south, through both gates (the path to the east (between the gates) is a dead end) and then east. Head north into the first room. Inside is a locked chest with a Snow Pendant in it.
Head back south to the path, and continue going east. Head north, all the way up, and into the next room. You're almost at the end! The next room is a “U” shaped cave of sorts and that looks just like the Underworld. Follow it to the end, and into the last room.
Inside are two items of interest: a ball thing floating on a pedestal, and a crystal coffin. Examine the ball thing. It'll say that it's a glass globe with a tiny castle inside. Next, comes the coffin. O.K. This is tricky (I've gotten quite a few questions about this part). Maybe a nice graphic should help?
Ze Glass Coffin
I apologize for the small graphic, but that's what I can do in paint (my drawing skills are still quite primitive on the computer, but quite advanced on paper) I also don't want to bloat up the file size of this document with graphics. That coffin is a simple monochrome (black and white only) GIF taking up less than 170 bytes. Still, it'll do the job, since it looks like the coffin, and you should also know what I'm talking about based on my “masterpiece”.
O.K. letters represent spots where you can examine the coffin. Only one of them is the right spot.
If you examine in spots A, B, C, or F, then you get “You see a glass coffin with a maiden inside. You see a tiny keyhole on the other side.”
If you examine the coffin on spot D, then you'll get “You see a glass coffin with a maiden inside. You see a tiny keyhole on your left.”
If you examine the coffin on spot E (the right spot), Talia will notice the tiny keyhole, and that the recently acquired Glass Key just so happens to be small enough to fit. She tries it, it works, and she unlocks the coffin, freeing the maiden. The maiden, Serenia, tells about how she got in there, then invites you to her kingdom. Out of gratitude, she hands you the Passion Relic (what? no fighting?). Don't worry - the other three relics all require boss fights (well, there is an alternative to the Water Relic, but I'll get to that later).
There isn't anything in her kingdom, so leave (simply by walking to any edge). You'll find yourself at the entrance of the cave. The ram's gone, probably nearly frozen to death guarding the cave all this time! You're free to enter the cave as you please from here on out (with or without Fredrick).
Well, it's quite likely that the ram left for Animalville (how he got there without a canoe is beyond me). Why not head over there and see if anything's changed? You have, after all, have done a good deed to an animal; they should like you for it!
Visit Virginia's inn first. With a little assurance from Fredrick, she'll open it up for you and only charge a mere 500 gold. That's outrageous! For five hundred gold, you can buy an Auquifolium Grande and have the same effect! Well, don't rest there.
In Animalville, you'll see that absolutely nothing's change - they are just as wary about humans now as they were before. Oh well. Maybe someday you can change their mind!
O.K., what next? We're still too weak for the Fire Relic, Water Relic, or Dream Relic, as well as the coliseum. We got to train a whole lot, then! But first, why not take a cruise on the pirate ship and see what kind of merit quests we can do next?

Chapter 20: Curse of the Black Witch
 Important: Lock of Hair, Green Ribbon, Strands of Gavail's Hair, Rotwart Moss
 Common: 400 gold
Side quests: find the rest of the relics (Fire, Dream, Water), find the owner of the lock of hair, show the old man the ribbon
Recommended Class: 42

Remember that dock I told you to ignore (it was in the snowy north)? Well, head back there. It's southeast of Mysten Far. Dock and you'll see that it's not a “tiny village” but rather a single house. Head inside, to find an old man living there, all alone. Talk to him and he'll say that he's looking for his lost love. He'll ask you if you travel the world, and you'll say that you do. He'll give you a lock of hair belonging to his love. He asks you to give it to the person who recognizes it.
Without trying to ruin the fun of guessing, you'll need to head over to Elden, to the woman living in a cave far off in the middle of nowhere. Show her the lock of hair, and she'll recognize it as hers. She thinks that you've found her lost love, but wants to make sure. She'll give you a green ribbon that she wore long ago, and tells you to go show it to the man who gave you the lock of hair.
Head back to the old man's house, and show him the Green Ribbon. He'll recognize it as the one belonging to his lost love. He'll disappear, on his way to his love (how he gets there without a ship is quite interesting…). Search the barrels in his house. One of them has 400 gold in it. Talia makes a comment that it's probably his life savings. Well, he's abandoned his building, as well as his loot! Too bad we can't take the house and sell it to somebody… You've earned a merit point for reuniting the lost lovers.
O.K. Get on your ship and head east. You'll come across a tiny island with a port and a spiral tower in the center. Mountains surround the tower on all sides but the front. Dock and head inside the tower. You'll find a retired treasure hunter who lives there, Hepbert. He's acquired quite a few rare treasures over the years of his treasure hunting. Talia immediately eyes a mirror. Hepbert says that it's one of his most valuable possessions. Talia wants it, but the Hepbert won't give it up or sell it for any price. Maybe if you brought something equally valuable and offered a trade? If you try to take it, Hepbert will reach for his blade, with a threatening look. Apparently, he really cherishes this mirror!
Well, head back outside. Remember to keep an eye on something as extraordinary as Hepbert's truth mirror. Head back to Witchwood, and see what those witches are up to. You'll find that nothing's changed, but there are two feuding witches who want revenge on each other - Hilda and Gavail. Each one will reward you with a curse if you help them put a hex on the other. You will lose merit points for helping the witches out, since you're not doing good deeds, but bad ones. However, since we've already gotten the Glass Key (and used it), it doesn't matter. You can be as evil as you want and it won't matter!
First, talk to Hilda. She longer wants to get revenge on her lover Darryl for hexing her, but wants to put a hex on Gavail. Helping feuding witches with their hexes is usually not a good idea, since things can easily get out of control. However, why not take a chance and do it anyway?
Hilda wants a lock of Gavail's hair for her hex. Head to Gavail's house (to the south), and you'll find her conveniently sleeping (usually she's awake). Take a few strands of her hair, and bring them back to Hilda. She'll thank you, and hand you a Decay Curse for your reward. You'll lose a merit point for cutting Gavail's hair, however.
Now head back down and talk to Gavail. She's awake and irritated at Hilda for hexing her. She wants revenge. And so begins the “cycle of revenge”. She asks you to get her some rotwart for her hex. Head northeast, to the grave that you couldn't dig before (even with a shovel). There's a tree nearby with a crow in it, as well as a cat wondering about. Talia will decide to dig there, and you'll find the rotwart moss. Bring it back to Gavail, and she'll thank you, handing you a Hemlock Shower Curse for your reward. Head back north to Hilda's house and see what the hexes did. Hilda says that her skin is starting to rot, and wants revenge! She doesn't ask you for help this time. She'll probably do it herself. Actually, it's a good idea to say out of the way of feuding witches with their hexes and curses!
I sold both curses for a total of 1600 gold. Or you can learn them, if you like. Refer to the spells section toward the end of this guide for more information on what the two curses do, e.g. casting cost.
Well, let's see. What's next? By now, you should be around class 44, and probably strong enough to take on the monsters in Tar Vendron.
For your convenience, I've listed the stats/equipment of my party for you to compare (note: I don't have the best equipment, since I never have enough cash):

 Health - 495/495
 Mana - 351/351
 Attack - 288
 Defense - 428
 Helmet - Fury Turban
 Shield - Iron Shield
 Armor - Plate Armor
 Weapon - Iron Staff
 Trinket - Nymph Crystal
 Health - 497/497
 Mana - 105/105
 Attack - 460
 Defense - 481
 Helmet - Chain Helmet
 Shield - Unholy Shield
 Armor - Paladin Armor
 Weapon - Templar Sword
 Trinket - Poison Ring
 Health - 484/484
 Mana - 00/00
 Attack - 335
 Defense - 363
 Helmet - Chain Helmet
 Shield - Iron Shield
 Armor - Plate Armor
 Weapon - Animal Sword
 Trinket - Poison Ring
 Health: 466/466
 Mana: 00/00
 Attack: 251
 Defense: 329
 Helmet: Chain Helmet
 Shield: Iron Shield
 Armor: Plate Armor
 Weapon: Tanto Knife
 Trinket: Poison Ring

Gold: 9114
Items: Auquifolium x20, Myrica Infusion x2, Holy Tonic x2
Next stop, Tar Vendron Desert for training!

Chapter 21: Tar Vendron Desert
 Important: none
 Common: Distillate of Alnus, War Hammer, Disruption Ring, Lightning Ring
Side quests: find the rest of the relics (Fire, Dream, Water)
Recommended Class: 44

O.K. The last time we were here, it was a quick in and out to bring the skeleton home, claiming his treasure on the way. This time, now that we're a little stronger, we'll take these monsters on. The Sand Scorpions inflict Critical Poison, so either carry lots of Marsh Tea or simply equip Poison Rings on everyone (Nymph Crystal on Talia).
From the entrance of the desert, head northwest. In the corner is a treasure chest with a Distillate of Alnus in it. The main path I follow to train here is to follow the path toward Tar Vendron, then back toward the pier. I'll go back and forth, killing the monsters I see. The Sand Scorpions are slightly easier than the Evil Roadrunners, which have a small chance of inflicting a “critical hit” on you (200-300 HP damage).
Here's some conventions that I follow when training: I keep my health at or above 75%, and heal when necessary. I also save right after I heal my party.

By now, Talia's Heal Minor spell has long since become obsolete, and I don't even bother with it. Instead, use Auquifolium whenever it will heal 300 or more health (300 should be around 75% of your health at this time). Don't bother with any other healing items, since they either cost more or don't heal as much. Auquifoliums are the best overall (and most economical) healing item. Always carry a good supply (20-30) of them.
Compared to the monsters in the Dwarf Mines, the ones here give more experience and gold. It wasn't long before I had enough cash to buy Talia a Fury Turban and Tivanna Robe. However, even with the gold that the Sand Scorpions and Evil Roadrunners drop, the Dragon Scale Shields are simply too expensive.
Well, now's a good time for some more detailed information on the two monsters. The Sand Scorpion drops gold and Poison Stingers. The Poison Stingers can inflict Critical Poison on an enemy, but the damage done by the poison by the time you kill the monster is 40-50 at the most. Considering that the monsters have a couple of thousand HP, it's not worth it. Unfortunately, you can only sell them for five gold.

The Evil Roadrunners, like I've mentioned before, can inflict a critical hit on you. Jack dies if he gets hit twice like this. The Evil Roadrunners are slightly tougher than the Sand Scorpions. They drop meat (it says “Roadrunner Legs”) and gold (sometimes both). The meat is by far not enough to keep you going, so don't rely on them. It's probably better to simply sell them.
Keep training on the monsters until you reach class 44-46. At that time, you'll be strong enough to take on the stronger monsters in this area. When you've reached this point, you're ready for the upper part of the desert (the second floor, not the northern part). From Tar Vendron's entrance, head south, crossing the bridge. Head east. When you see a way to go south, head south. It's to the west of the oasis that had the skeleton's treasure.
Circle around to the end of the path, and take the stairs up. This is what I'm talking about when I say the “upper” part - the second floor. Two new monsters here - Salamanders and Bull Demons. The Salamanders are pretty tough, and always drop a single Salamander Skin. The Bull Demons are really tough (they can kill Jack in one shot), but drop Hammers, Plate Armors or around 500 gold. Don't try to take them on until you reach class 47 or 48 or you'll regret it!
Be sure to kill as many Salamanders as you can, collecting the Salamander Skins. Don't pick up more than 12, however. I'll tell you why later on. Head west, past the Sand Scorpion stuck in the bush, and across the bridge. Head northwest, north, and northeast at the split. The path doesn't split again, so follow it to the end. At the very end (you'll pass Tar Vendron to the south on the lower level and a waterfall a little later on), you'll find a locked treasure chest with a War Hammer in it.
Head back to the spit, and take it northwest. Head north, to the top of the map. Next to a waterfall is a treasure chest with a Disruption Ring in it. I'm not sure what it does, so I simply sold it. Head south, and down the stairs. In this area is a huge lake, and a bridge to the west. Head south a bit, and next to a tree is a treasure box with a Lightning Ring in it. Either circle around the lake, or take the bridge west to the next area. Head north to the end of the path. You'll see a cave. Head inside.
A hermit woman lives here, and will buy your Salamander Skins for 50 gold each (a good thing, too, since nobody else will!) I only had 11 at the time, but you'll need to sell her a total of 12 before she'll make the Salamander Skin Armor and sell it to you for 12,000 gold (you didn't think she'd give you enough cash from the Salamander Skins to be able to purchase the Salamander Skin Armor from her, did you?). After she sells you the Salamander Skin Armor, the Salamander Skin count resets, so sell her only 12 skins at a time. Be sure to pick one up, and give it to Jack, who so desperately needs a defense boost. When I finally did that, he had about 475 defense, while everybody else had 500-575. Jack is still short on defense, even with the Salamander Skin Armor, but it sure helps.
I didn't have the cash to buy the armor, but did have an awful lot of equipment that I picked up from killing Bull Demons. Head back to Tar Vendron and sell your excess inventory. When I did that, I had nearly 35,000 gold! You should have at least enough to pick up a Salamander Armor (which takes priority over giving Devin and Fredrick a Dragon Scale Shield or Talia the Fury Turban and Tivanna Robe).
With a little more training, you should be able to earn enough gold to upgrade Talia's equipment (the two items I mentioned earlier, the Fury Turban and the Tivanna Robe), as well as a Dragon Scale Shield for both Devin and Fredrick. By this time, you should be around class 48 or 49, strong enough for a coliseum fight. Head to Tar Vendron's coliseum, and prepare for a fight!
By the way, if you don't have Jack in your party, or you handed him to the authorities in Thais, then skip the first part in the next chapter, the part about the fight in the coliseum, and start where it begins from the entrance to Tar Vendron (on the way to the Fire Cave). In the end, I ended up getting a Salamandar Armor for Devin, too.

Chapter 22: Fire Cave
 Important: Fire Relic
 Common: Charmed Dagger, Auquifolium, Fire Amulet, meat, Auquifolium Grande, Flame Sword, Dragon Scale Armor
Side quests: find the rest of the relics (Fire, Dream, Water)
Recommended Class: 48

First, decide whether or not you want to use Jack. If you do, then he'll pick up a VERY powerful dagger. If you don't, then skip this part. Head downstairs and talk the black-haired pigtailed girl wearing a red uniform and a white headband, Vel. She's in the first cell from the right. She'll want your help getting out. Jack'll recognize her as an old friend who disappeared a while back. Jack and Vel will chat for a bit, catching up on old times. When they're finished, Vel will ask you to take her place in the arena. Do so, and a guard will come in and haul you off to the coliseum.
This will be the one and only time you can fight in here, so enjoy it! Four monsters are dropped in. You should recognize one as a Bull Demon. Since you don't see the other three monsters anywhere else, I won't bother to give them a name (like I usually do). Tackle them one at a time, ignoring the others. Immediately examine the corpses, then take on the next one. The black dog thing drops a Charmed Dagger. Be sure to pick that up (you might want to fight it first to ensure that you don't miss it). When you clean out all four monsters (you'll probably need to use two or three Auquifoliums), then Vel'll be free to go.
Head back outside, and you'll see Vel outside the coliseum. Talk to her, and she'll offer to take Jack with her. Refuse the offer, since his Charmed Dagger makes him a valuable (and powerful) member of the team. When you equip Jack with the Charmed Dagger, you'll see that he's now the strongest one of all! He does three times the damage as Talia, and twice that of either Fredrick or Devin. That's it, for the coliseum, so head back out of Tar Vendron.
--===== End of the coliseum part =====--
First, make sure that you've got a good supply of Auquifolium, even more than usual. I had sixty, and nearly used them all by the time I was finished with the Fire Cave! Also, be sure to bring along a dozen or so Cassia Leaves, since the monsters here are a bit too strong, and will most likely kill you, a lot. Try to give both Devin and Fredrick a Dragon Scale Shield, since that protects against fire (fire, Fire Cave), as well as Jack with the Salamander Skin Armor.
From the entrance of Tar Vendron, head south, across the bridge. Head east a bit, then south when you get the chance. Head up the stairs to the upper part of the desert. Head west, past the Sand Scorpion, and across the bridge. Head southwest, then west. Climb the narrow stairs, then head northwest. The cave you see is the Fire Cave. Heal your party (use an Auquifolium Grande to make it easy), and save, then head inside.
It's quite dark inside, and two new monsters show up. The blob-looking ones are Red Slimes. They are quite poisonous, so be sure to equip the Nymph Crystal on Talia and Poison Rings on everybody else. The red demon things are Fire Demons. Both monster drop lots of gold and valuable equipment. This place is, in my opinion, the best place to train. You'll see why toward the end of the chapter.
Climb the stairs down, and head inside the cave nearby. Inspect the bones for an Auquifolium. Head back out, and down the stairs. Head in the nearby cave. Inspect the bones (see a pattern here?) for a Fire Amulet.
If you were to head west, up the stairs, and into the cave that's just west of the entrance, you'd find that there's nothing inside. So, instead head south across the bridge to the second half of this area.
You'll see lava on either side, with a path leading off to the south. Follow it to the next area. Head east and up the stairs. Cross the bridge north, and keep going north. Head west and into the cave. Inspect the bones for a ham (meat). Head back outside, east, and south. Cross the bridge, and head east, across that bridge. Head a little northeast and north across the stairs. Head a little northwest and north across the bridge to the next area. Along the way, you'll pass the area you got the meat below.

The next area has two new monsters - Fire Elementals and Flaming Bats. Both like to use a fire attack (exclusively, if I'm not mistaken), so equip Charmed Necklaces and Fire Amulets. It seems like the Fire Amulets don't work as well as the Charmed Necklaces, but use both and see what works better. The fire-resistant armor helps a lot here!
You may recall, a while back, that you had the opportunity to purchase an Ice Sword. Well, wouldn't an ice sword work well in a fire cave, since they're opposite elements? Well, yes. The problem is that the Ice Sword's damage isn't as high as the Templar Sword, despite the bonus damage from the ice.

Anyway, back to the tour. Head west at the intersection, and follow the path to the end. A treasure box there contains an Auquifolium Grande (full heal on everybody). Head back east, then north. Head east across the bridge, and go north. Head west across the bridge and north at the intersection. Follow the path to the end to find a treasure chest with a Ruby Shield in it! It's resistant to fire, but not as good as the Dragon Scale Shield. Equip it if you don't have a Dragon Scale Shield (it's a big improvement over Devin's Unholy Shield, that's for sure). Head back, past the intersection, and go east, crossing the bridge. Keep going east and cross the next bridge. Head north, then east to the next area.
Take the first set of stairs north (they go up the cliffs quite a bit), then take the next set of stairs further north. Head inside the cave and examine the bones for a Poison Ring. Head back down both sets of stairs to the bottom, and head east to the edge. Climb the stairs, and go inside the cave. Examine the bones for two diamonds! Head back out, and down the stairs. Climb the stairs to the west (the middle set of stairs, relative to this bottom floor).
Head inside the cave between the stairs and the bridge. Inspect the bones for a Flame Sword. This may sound obvious, but don't use the flame sword in the Fire Cave, even though it's twice as strong as the Templar Sword. The fire-resistant monsters here will take less damage from the Fire Sword than it would with the Templar Sword, despite the Fire Sword's superior power. However, use the Fire Sword once you leave Tar Vendron Desert (the monsters in the desert are also fire-resistant). Keep the Templar Sword so you can switch between them for a more effective attack.
There isn't anything to the north, so cross the bridge east, then across the second bridge to the next area. You'll notice that your health & mana bars are gone, indicating that this is a town (or, at the least, a monster-free area). The dragon with orange wings says that no human has ever came this far and left alive (which is where the skeleton bones you got the treasure came from). What an ominous thing to say! Well, we don't intending on dying in here, do we? Go inside the first cave (from the right). Inside lives a dragon historian. Be sure to avoid walking on the orangish ground - fire-hot coals will hurt your party.
Exit, and head to the next cave. Inside lives Dragher, who says that he's lost his “fire”. I assume that means his ability to breathe fire, not his courage. Head back out, and talk to the blue dragon to the north. He'll say that you're brave for making it this far into the mountain (Fire Cave). Head north, across the bridge. Talk to the purple dragon, and he'll ask you if you've come to become a Dragon Lord. Perhaps this is another magic guild? Hmm…
Head inside the first cave (from the right). Inside is the Dragon Lord, who'll test your ability to join the Dragon Lord guild. Don't do it until you've seen the fifth (and final) guild before you make up our mind. Exit, and go inside the next cave (from the right). There are dragon statues near the entrance. Inside lives the Dragon King, Lehvus. He'll ask you what business you have here, and you'll say that you're looking for the Fire Relic. Lehvus'll laugh, saying that HE's the Fire Relic. That probably means that you'll have to kill him in order to get the relic.
He'll ask you if you know anything about the history of dragons, and you'll say no. There's something in the history of dragons that you need to know before you can challenge him. Head back out, and into the last cave. Inside lives a lightning dragon (I like the effect the white has on his skin!). Exit, and talk to the dragon historian. Ask him about the Fire Relic, and he'll give you a lecture.
Sleep through it, then save and heal your party. Now go take on the Dragon King. He's tough, and will probably beat you the first time. It took me a few tries, even though I was at class 53 at the time! Keep at it, and you'll eventually win.
When you do, you'll obtain the Fire Relic, as well as his Dragon Scale Armor. Equip the armor on Devin (Jack and Talia can't wear it, and Devin had less defense than Fredrick at the time) or Fredrick if he's got the smaller defensive value. Fredrick will also learn the dragon form to shapeshift into. Change into a dragon, and go fight. You'll love the nova spell he casts, dealing heavy duty damage! It is by far better than his lion shape. He's even stronger than Jack with his Charmed Dagger!
Head back to Draghar's cave (the one who's lost his fire) and let him use the Fire Relic to get it back. You won't lose Fire Relic, so don't worry. When you're finished, head back out of the Fire Cave, relishing in your victory over the Dragon King. I don't know about you, but I was tingling for quite a while!
Head over to Tar Vendron and sell your excess inventory, then replenish your supplies. When I had sold all of my extra inventory, I had more than 70,000 gold! With this wealth (see why I like the Fire Cave as my favorite spot to train?), I upgraded everybody's equipment. Devin's defense skyrocketed to more than 700!
Four relics down, two to go. Well, what to do next? How about visiting Thais? You haven't been there in a while. Let's go there and see what's new.

Chapter 23: Detective Talia and the Case of Sir Tevad's Death
 Important: none
 Common: none
Side quests: find the Dream and Water Relics, prove the maid's innocence, take care of the hunter
Recommended Class: 54

Head up to the upper part of Thais, where the noble's live. Head south of the locked "U" shaped building, and into the house to the west of the fountain. When you get there, you'll notice that somebody got stabbed, and a group of people are next to the body, talking. Talia will automatically move over there, and ask what's going on. The maid says, between sobs, that somebody has murdered her master. Doesn't the bloody body look an *awful* lot like Jack? Pretend that it's not - it's really Sir Tevad.
The Constable immediately has the maid arrested, accusing her of the murder. The maid is speechless. Talia asks what evidence the Constable has that the maid did it. The Constable says that she was there at the time of the murder, so that must mean that she's guilty. Isn't it a good thing that justice doesn't work that way?
Well, in order for the Constable to let the innocent maid go, you'll have to find evidence that proves her innocence (such as who really did it, and evidence to prove that). He shoos you off, saying that this is the city's problem, not yours. Well, I have a problem with them blaming an innocent maid simply because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
An apothecary (basically a chemist) in front of the Constable says that the man was poisoned. Surely the maid didn't have access to poison? Talk to the maid, and she will adamantly assert her innocence, saying that "I didn't do it!".
Head upstairs, keeping a sharp eye out for clues to this "whodunit". Lady Theresa is crying, weeping at the loss of her beloved husband. Does she have motive? Not really. She loved her husband, and didn't have any reason to poison him.
Wonder about the rooms and you'll see that the only thing that's different is a piece of paper next to a quill on a desk in a back room of the bedroom on the lower left part of the floor (dang, that's a lot of prepositional phrases, isn't it?). Examine it, and you'll see that there were a few people owed Sir Tevad money. Sir Pellad owes him a considerable sum, and it's past due. It also says that Sir Pelled's estate is to be confiscated if he doesn't pay the debt today. That gives Sir Pellad motive.
Well, out of the entire city, the only person with any motive to murder Sir Tevad is Sir Pellad. Head back downstairs, and out of the house. Talk to Sir Palled, who seems to be saddened by Sir Tevad's murder. He claims that he was like a brother to him, or even closer. Riiiiight.
Speaking of poison, didn't we run into a poison merchant in the pub, the Golden Boar Tavern? He was wearing a brown robe, if I remember. Head down to the pub, and ask him about any recent customers that he's had. It's quite likely that he sold the poison to the person who murdered Sir Tevad. The poison merchant will mention that business has been slow, but a nobleman purchased some poison to take care of a rodent problem. Ask him what that person looked like. His description of his customer matches Sir Pellad's description.
Head back to Sir Tevad's mansion, and tell the Constable about what you've found. It's not much, but the evidence so far seems to point to Sir Pellad. The Constable orders the soldiers to search Sir Palled's estate. The guards return shortly, saying that they found a suspicious vial. The apothecary recognizes it as a vial that held poison, the same poison that killed Sir Tevad.
The Constable orders the soldiers to let the maid go, and to arrest Sir Pellad. He also orders the body be removed. When the Constable, chemist, and soldier leave, the maid simply stands there. She is probably shaking with fear, and says that her life won't be the same without her master. You'll also earn a merit point for your work in proving the maid's innocence.
By the way, if you talked to the Constable while you only examined Sir Tevad's records or talked to the poison merchant, then the Constable will say that you don't have enough evidence to go after a nobleman. Be sure to do both before you talk to the Constable.
Well, another case solved by the famous Detective Talia! Head back outside, and you'll notice that Sir Pellad is gone.
What to do next? Head over to Animalville, and see what you can do about the hunter (the guy pretending to be a bird). Talk to the mayor, and tell him about the hunter pretending to be a bird. The mayor says that the "bird" looked too strange to be a bird and wants you to kill him.
Talk to the hunter, and he'll say that he'll pay you 500 gold to kill the mayor. Well, even though the mayor isn't offering you any reward, kill the hunter anyway. The animals here want to be left in piece, not hunted. You can't examine the hunter's corpse (probably because he was a human, not a monster). Talk to the mayor and he'll be as stiff-necked as ever toward humans. He doesn't even acknowledge your good deed! Oh well. Maybe Animalville is doomed to distrust humans for all eternity! You'll lose a merit point for killing the mayor.
O.K. What's next? How about a new continent to explore? Head back to the dock by Thais and hug the shoreline south until you get to the dock by Seafall Shrine. Then head east until you come to a new continent. Dock by the desert (the southern part of the continent), and you'll find yourself in some sort of a bazaar.

Chapter 24: Venwood
 Important: none
 Common: Apple, Grapes
Side quests: find the Dream and Water Relics
Recommended Class: 54

A sealed vat near the canoe has five apples in it. Head past the two people standing in the way (who are haggling over a box of pears) and read the sign (next to the sheet on the clothesline flowing in the breeze): “Tulzine Bazaar”. Of the three stands here, two of them are open for business. The first one is just north of the sign. Buckets of fish sit near the merchant, indicating that he's a fish merchant. Read the sign next to him, and it'll confirm it. He sells you fish at 25 gold apiece, just like Tucker did. However, since the fish only heal 50 HP, they're not worth it - they have long since become obsolete.
Northeast of the fish merchant is another stand where exotic fruits are available for sale. The merchant doesn't have anything real exotic. Devin will ask him where his exotic fruits are. He says that he's run out, and that you'll have to wait until the next shipment arrives. Maybe this exotic fruit will be enough for Hepbert to trade for the mirror?
Neither merchant here will buy your excess inventory, although you shouldn't have any at the moment. Head northwest (of the exotic fruit merchant), and north to the next area.
You'll find yourself in a forested area with two new monsters: the Tar Man and Forest Centaurs. Both aren't too bad, after the monsters in the Fire Cave, although you'll need lots of Auquifolium to heal yourself. Both also drop various fruits and gold. They also give about the same experience as the Salamanders, but are harder to kill. However, with Fredrick as a dragon, Jack with his Charmed Dagger, and Devin with his Flame Sword, they don't take long to defeat.
Head north, and northeast at the intersection. Head north some more, and you'll end up in the elven city of Venwood (the sign in front marks the entrance to the city). Head north, just past the sign, and into the item shop. The merchant there will have a large inventory of items for sale, categorized into three types. Be sure to check out all three types to see what kinds of wares he has. Head back out, and go east and into the weapon shop.
The weapon merchant isn't there. Instead, a note is on the table explaining that he's out sick for the day and to come back tomorrow (which means later in the game, not after a rest in the inn). You will want to come back later with lots of cash because his inventory is quite superior to your current equipment, if expensive. Head back out, and go west. The elf near the entrance asks you if you've been to their library, the oldest in all the kingdoms. Head inside the building.
Inside lives an elf who says that it's dangerous to go outside at night. Perhaps there is a wild animal that is harassing the people in this village? Head back outside, and go north the intersection. Follow the path past the park bench, and to the black statue.
Examine the black statue, and you'll find out that it's a statue of King Loniel. Upon closer inspection, you'll find that it's not a statue of King Loniel, but King Loniel himself, frozen. The blonde elf nearby is a beggar. He wants 5000 gold that he says will help him find food and lodgings for the next few days. It's a lot of money, but give it to him anyway. Talk to him again, and you'll see that he's blown it getting drunk. Oh well, at least you tried! You still earn a merit point for your efforts, though.
The green-haired elven child says that you're big (actually, she's small, but anyway).
Head west at the intersection below the statue. You'll find the town's inn here, where you can rest for 500 gold. The elf outside the Inn says that something is coming out at night, terrorizing the villagers. Well, two elves have mentioned it, so there has to be some truth to it. Maybe this “something” is a problem for you to solve? A sidequest, perhaps?
Head back out, and then go west. You'll find the town's library here, marked with a sign near the entrance. Inside are plenty of books to read, as well as a blonde elf, Lydia. She says to be quiet because the books are sleeping. Tiptoe back outside (don't want to wake up the “sleeping” books, do we?), and head north, past the statue.
Here are two buildings, one directly north of the statue, and one to the northeast. Head inside the building to the north first. Inside lives an elf that says that elves descended from an ancient, noble race. Head back out, and head east. The woman near the building says that she traveled the world when she was young, and that she's now 639 years old. Obviously elves don't age quite like other races! Head inside the house. Inside live two elves, a child and an adult woman. The child is surprised to see a “real live human!”. The elven adult suggests that you go visit the queen, who likes to hear about he goings-on in the world.

Be sure to read the note on the table in the northwest part of the house. It's a letter address to Lydia, describing the death of an elf from this nocturnal creature and that a clue might've been found in the library, and a meeting has been called tonight. Head back out, and go west, northwest, then north to the next area. You'll find yourself outside a large castle, probably belonging to the queen. The black-haired elf is surprised to see humans here. Apparently, they don't have too many visitors! Head inside the castle.
The blonde elf near the entrance will describe how the castle was centuries ago, filled with laughter and full of life, and that now it's all quiet and empty. Head north, following the purple carpeted path.
At the top of the room sits a beautiful whitish blue-haired elf on a throne. Talk to her, and she introduces herself as the queen of Venwood, Queen Vlissre. Ask her about recent news, and she'll tell you that her son, Prince Lahr, has recently fallen ill to some strange disease, and that her kingdom has become possessed by some strange magic.
Ask her about the elves, and she'll give you a little information about the elven race in general. Ask her about the Golden Statue (that we haven't seen yet) to the south, and she'll say that it blocks the entrance to the Fairy Kingdom, and that only the Fairy Key will grant you access. She'll also mention that the fairies rely on the elves to protect them from the world, and that they are rarely seen outside the forest. Apparently, there is a “pull” that comes from the forest that keeps them there (sort of like the Winglys in The Legend of the Dragoon).
Head south, and take the western set of stairs down to the lower floor. You'll find Princess Bette, Prince Lahr's sister. She says that her mom is worried about her brother. Head a little north, and search the vat next to the bed for an apple. Keep going north, and you'll find Prince Lahr. He says that he hasn't been feeling well lately, and that sometimes he finds himself in the forest but doesn't know how he got there. Maybe he's this “something” that has been terrorizing the villagers at night? Whatever illness Prince Lahr has, it might be responsible for the recent attacks.
To his west is a tiny library, which has information about Love Charms and Soul Amulets, although they say pretty much the same thing as the description you'll read when you select the items in your inventory. The Love Charm makes the monster fall in love with you (it'll simply follow you like a lost puppy). I'm not sure about the Soul Amulet. Whenever I used it, it killed that character instead of doing something to the monster.
Head back south, and up the stairs. Head east, and take the other set of stairs down to the lower floor. Search the sealed barrel next to the entrance for some grapes (one unit). The elf to your west is happy to have guests. The black-haired elf to the north (near the dining table) is Ophilia, and says that something has been attacking the villagers at night.
Well, that's three accounts of nighttime attacks, so there is definitely something happening at night! What (or who) is responsible for these attacks?
These nighttime attacks are apparently a big problem for the people of Venwood! Leave the castle, and when you try to leave for town, night will fall. Now's your opportunity to check out this problem of theirs, and maybe help them out!

Chapter 25: Werewolves in London
 Important: Strange Book, Library Key, Silver Chain, Fairy Key
 Common: Soul Amulet
Side quests: find the Dream and Water Relics, put the necklace around the werewolf's neck
Recommended Class: 55

If you try to go inside any of the buildings, you'll find that they're locked from the inside, an obvious defense against this nighttime creature that has been terrorizing the villagers. This creature is, thankfully, nowhere to be found. The only unlocked building is the one with the note. Head inside, and you'll find a small group of elves huddled around the fireplace. This is apparently the meeting that was called in the letter. Talk to the elves, and they'll tell you about their plan. One elf, Tailor, seems to be the leader.
He asks for a volunteer to head over to the library, and retrieve a mythical book that is supposed to help them with their problem. Volunteer to go (it'll be the only choice), but watch out! The creature is out, and he's fast! If he touches you, it's instant death! Don't even try to fight him, or you'll lose every time (you won't even get a chance to attack him). The Winged Sandals help here, but they're not necessary.
When you see the creature, run (toward the library, unless he's coming from that way). He looks like a werewolf. Maybe the moonlight is causing him to go crazy every night? Anyway, if this werewolf is in your way (of getting to the library), lure him toward the statue, and circle around him, then to the library.
Before you go, Tailor will give you the key to the library (it's south of here). Skirt around, and hurry to the library. Quickly examine the door, and you'll unlock it and slip inside. A beam of moonlight is shining through the window to the west, along with a book. Pick up the book, and bring it back to the house. Again, don't get caught by the werewolf, or it's game over!
I don't know about you, but my heart was pounding like mad whenever I got into the library, only barely escaping the clutches of the werewolf. It was an awesome feeling that I don't experience too often, like watching a good horror movie. When I made the mad dash back to the house, my heart was pounding even harder. I barely made it both times! I'm glad that there isn't another spot like this in the game, but at the same time saddened that I'll never experience it again unless I load the game later on just to do it again, and again. This is one of the few times that I saved in a different spot, and don't overwrite it so I can go back whenever I want and do this all over again.
Anyway, give the book to Tailor, who'll open it. It's written in a strange language, but Lydia can read it. The book has a little information relevant to this current predicament. Inside the book is a silver chain, which is supposed to go around the werewolf's neck. Nobody volunteers to do the job, so volunteer (it's the only choice, once again). Aren't you lucky that you get to do all the life-threatening jobs?
Now, instead of running away from the werewolf, you're going to run toward them. It seems like the werewolf is running away from you this time, probably knowing that he's about to get caught and that his days are over. Simply examine the werewolf, and you'll slip the chain around the neck before he kills you.
With some nice animation, the werewolf changes (permanently, this time) into Prince Lahar. The Prince is dazed and confused, not knowing how or why he's here. You'll escort him to the castle, where his mom will put him up in bed. By solving this “mystery” and helping the villagers of Venwood, you earn a merit point.
Talk to the queen, and she'll thank you for saving her son. Out of gratitude, she'll grant you one request. Talia will tell her of your quest for obtaining all six relics to form Agea, when Devin says that he doesn't like sharing their “secret mission” to other people. Talia says that she trusts the queen. The blood runs from the queen's face when Talia mentions the word “Agea”, fear evident in her features. The queen asks what do we want with something that should be forgotten.
Talia says that she needs the relics to form Agea and have a chance on stopping Ahriman's Prophecy from coming to pass. Talia will also tell the queen that she suspects the fairies are guarding one of the relics, and that we need access past the Golden Statue to obtain it. The queen confirms Talia's suspicions, and says that the fairies do indeed guard one of the six relics. She reluctantly hands you the Fairy Key, which hangs from her neck on a necklace. She tells you to go see the fairy queen and ask to see the “dreamer”. If you look at the description of the Fairy Key, it says “A key to the fairy relm.” An alternate spelling of “realm” as “relm” (I assume) is intentional, like Serphent Sword/Serphent Dagger (serpent) and the Collegium of War and Magick (magic), rather than a misspelling.
The Fairy Kingdom has two parts to it, and you'll need lots of Auquifolium. Be sure to increase your inventory to at least 50 or 60 of them, as well as 10 or 20 Auquifolium Grandes. The weapon merchant, unfortunately, is still sick. Rest up, save, and leave Venwood.
Before we enter the kingdom of the fairies, we still need to explore the other half of Venwood Forest. Exit Venwood, and head south. At the intersection, head northwest at the intersection. Head northwest, and when you get to the intersection by the lake, head northeast. At the very top of the map is a treasure chest with a Soul Amulet in it, the only treasure in this whole forest. You can explore the rest, but there's nothing else here, but more monsters. It might be beneficial to explore a little bit and find the western entrance to Venwood Forest.
The next stop is that golden statue the queen told us about. Head south, past the lake, and then southeast. Head west at the intersection (the bazaar is to the south), and you'll see the golden statue. It's quite large, and depicts a robed woman with wings and a sword.
Examine the statue, and you'll use the Fairy Key to open it. You'll have access to the Fairy Kingdom for the rest of the game (indicated by the statue disappearing - it won't come back). Ready for the Fairy Forest? Head inside.

-----==To Be Continued next time==-----

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