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Ahriman Prophecy - Wedding scene :3

Assalamu'alaikum semuanyaaa :D
Risu comeback with walkthrough~ Yee :3

Jadi, setelah pulang ke malang setelah mudik, Risu langsung maen Ahriman :3
Dan tadi pagi aku berhasil hampir menamatkan Ahriman :3 :3
Tapi pas aku baca tutorialnya ternyata wedding nggak terlalu berpengaruh ke gamenya, jadinya ku melaksanakan misi wedding dulu baru namatin :3 (walktroughnya nyusul :3)

Di Ahriman Prophecy pasangan weddingnya cukup mirip kayak yg Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy
Kalau di aveyond itu kan 4 cewek rebutan 1 cowok, kalau di Ahriman, 2 cewek rebutan 1 cowok :)
Di Ahriman ada 2 orang cewek yang bisa dinikahkan (kecuali yang termasuk quest)

Cewek-cewek ini yaitu: Talia dan Alicia
Cowoknya: Devin (Guanteeeeng :3)

Oke pertama-tama dari cewek tokoh utama, Talia

------==Marrying Devin and Talia♥==------

Since we're going to marry Talia, we don't care about Alicia. Everything you do will be for Talia. Before you recruit Alicia (which is required for the game, but not for this), read Darryl's note in Candar. He'll cast a love hex, which will apply to Devin and Talia. 

Now recruit Alicia (apparently, you need another girl to be jealous of Devin). 

Untuk accept Alicia di team-nya, harus ada yg keluar. Kalau Frederick yang keluar, dia bakal pulang ke animal town. Kalau Jack yg keluar, dia bakal pulang ke Thais dengan membawa uang team mu 
(dengan kata lain dia merampok uangmu -_-)

With her in your party, purchase Talia a drink (have Devin buy a drink and give it to Talia) from the pub (the same pub where the poison guy drinks his days away). Again, Talia will thank Devin.

Next, purchase a flower in Candar (the flower girl is northwest of the central fountain) and give it to Talia. Talia will thank Devin. 

Talianya cantik :3

Last, head over to Serenia's kingdom (remember the cave at the very beginning of the river in the snowy north?). You won't have to travel through the cave. As soon as you walk inside, you'll be inside Serenia's kingdom. Serenia will bless Devin and Talia.

Now, head over to Candar (appropriately named “The City of Love”) and talk to any one of the priests (the ones who always asked you if you wanted to get married before). The priest asks if you would like to be married today, having recognized the two “lovebirds”.

The priest, Talia, and Devin engage in a very short conversation and “instantly” you are married. The priest urges Devin and Talia to “have some children”. Head over to Talia's Grandmother's house, and talk to her.

It's an attack item (like any other ring) that can be accessed from the “battle menu” during a fight. 

Talia's Grandmother also says that she's pleased with Talia's decision, saying that she always thought that Devin was special. Interestingly enough, if you talk to the citizens, they don't recognize Talia's marriage.

------==Marrying Devin and Alicia==------

Oke, sekarang kita bahas soal sang tuan putri dari Thais, Alicia :)

First, recruit Alicia. Head over to Candar, and read Darryl's note (which I told you to ignore the first time you came across it). Darryl will put a love hex on your party, and that's the first step. With Alicia in the party, the hex applies to Devin and Alicia (rather than Devin and Talia). I'm not sure exactly what they say to each other, but it's likely to be similar as what Talia and Devin say to each other.

Buy Alicia a flower from the flower merchant (northwest of the central fountain).

Now head over to Thais, and buy her a drink from the pub (have Devin buy it, and give it to Alicia).

Now head over to the Passion Cave, and get a blessing from Serenia. I'm not sure what Serenia says to Devin and Alicia as part of her blessing. With the blessing, back to Candar and talk to any of the priests to get married.

The priest, just itching to marry them too, says “Great! In that case, I pronounce you husband and wife! Now go and have some children!”

Now that Devin and Alicia are married, head back over to the castle in Thais and talk to Alicia's parents. They'll give you your wedding presents.

Getting (or not getting) married doesn't have any affect on the game, but it's a neat thing to be able to do in a game! By the way, if you mixed any of these events up (e.g. giving Alicia the flower and Talia the drink) you won't be able to get married. Everything must be done to the same girl in order to marry her. There isn't any way to get “unmarried” so be sure to use multiple save slots if you want to experience both scenarios.

Yak, Demikian seputar wedding di Ahriman Prophecy.
Kalau aku se lebih milih Talia sama Devin. Memang se wedding gift nya Alicia menggiurkan *ngiler*
Tapi pentingan mana wedding with 100% pure of love or wedding with 75% love? :)

Okay. that's for now, i'll continue this later.
Hope u enjoy it! Wassalamu'alaikum :)

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