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My Story Lately

Assalamu'alaikum, Hello minna-san
Did you miss me?? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
I'm come back to write in these blogs, thanks for minna-san who's always here for me :* 

Right now I'm on the edge of my last year as high school students. I've done national exam and should've been studying for university exam, yes, *cough* should have ( ̄ー ̄)
Well like always, while studying, I also playing games, here's games that I had played lately:

HARVEST MOON RUNE FACTORY 3                                            

Honestly, I had played this games since junior high school, yet I'm always postponed to end it (I wonder why). Lately I had done the ending. Like others harvest moon games, eventhough we had done the ending, you could continuing your game without event plot *read: adventure story plot. So, you could enjoy farming and building relationship. Small review from Risu the game events capturer:
   + Good plot, easy farming
   + Nice additional features like forging, pharmacyst, and making accesories 
   - Many quest, yet we could only done 1 quest in every place (mailbox, town, and owl)
   - Beautiful art, yet poor character avatar (I like RF 2 avatar more)  
But overall it's a nice game :)

Oh right, the same things also happened with my HM RF 2 and HM RF ToD. I still didn't  do the ending. For these I believe it happened because I had look at the ending spoiler and it's makes my gamers spirit turned off -u-'

STARDEW VALLEY                                                                         

Typically it's a farming game with additional monster in mines. It had many version since it's still developed and it's also had many fans(means it's famous). Small review from Risu the game events capturer:
   + Vast farmland and many features to add in its
   + Relationship with villagers is really concerned
   + Time flies faster than Harvest Moon (I only played -almost- a month and I had passed 2 years)
   - Too vast farmland (I'm already satisfied with half of it ._.v) 
What's interesting from this game is, if you didn't keep contacting villager that used to be your friend, her/his hearts will reduce, but if you give someone a birthday gift their hearts can easily boost. Funny rights? ^^
But sometimes this things didn't happens, idk why


Another Aldorlea games I play~ Small review from Risu the game events capturer:
  + Good plot
  + Beautiful arts
  - Nice vast dungeon that sometimes makes players hard to mapping
  - Little side quest. The spade cards quest and Saehral quest is 'a not had to do quest' yet it will boost the oppurtunity to kill final boss
  - No continuing in romance relationship (Well sometimes it's better that way)
Eventhough I only need almost 12 hours to play, it had a really good plot and remembered me to aveyond saga

AVEYOND 4                                                                                       

Of course I had followed it's progress since Amanda said officially that AV 4 project had started, yet until now I had only played the demo... poor student ;_;

Small review from Risu the game events capturer:
   + Really have aveyond feels *ofcoursethough
   + Superb plot with outstanding humor, you shoud watch the trailer! -> short and long 
   - Sadly it didn't have any connections to the previous story (Mel's story)
I hope I can fastly play this game, I really want it, anyone want to buy it for me?? please raise your hand (T▽T)


Okay! That's some games I had played lately.
Though there are negative review in those games, overall I always thinks that those game are good to play and of course I recommended it (y)

That's all from me, Behold of Risu the Game Events Capturer power and see you next time! ^^
Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb.

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