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Oriental Blue, Ao no Tengai: Before Ending

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb.

Hello minna-san~
Thank you for your patience, Now I'll post Oriental Blue before ending~
Why before? Because I think it'll be better if I give you some information before gone to the ending.
First thing first, In fact I had saved many photos about this game, unfortunately, the data..... had.... erased TT____TT, and I know this just nowadays when I had forgotten it's story!
I'm really sorry *bow*
I'm gonna tell you it's story as best as I could, please forgive me TT__TT *begging*

New Story, New Hero! This is our hero!
 You may choose your gender without afraid of the story plot. Both male and female have same story
plot. On the first, We'll see video about a blue round light chased by a ghosty venom. When the blue round light come inside Daito city gate, the ghosty venom scattered and vanished. Then we'll see our hero talking to the guard in a room inside the city gate. The guard said whether it's okay for our hero to come out from Daito since there are monsters wandering around outside Daito (that's why the ghosty venom vanish in the city gate). Don't care about monsters, our hero walk toward Daito gate and get locked up outside. Walking forward, suddenly our hero surrounded by a white hooded persons. Before they vanished they said that our hero should keep going and find his/her ultimate goal to discover who our hero truly are. Since that meet, our hero keep seeing Princess Wakana illussion that want us to help her. If you meet monster, after you killed the monsters, you will awoken in an inn. But if you keep walking without meeting any monster, you'll meet Princess Wakana (Unfortunately I don't know what will happen next ;<).

After that our hero journey started!

Please DO NOT read this post if you don't want any SPOILER about the ending of Oriental Blue, Ao no Tengai game. Once again, DO NOT READ THIS POST if you don't want any SPOILER about the ending of Oriental Blue, Ao no Tengai game. I won't accept any complains from you okay~

Well for short story, in the journey our hero will met many people that had introduced in the game opening. Later, our hero know that since Tentei (Nations Priest) died, darkness started to engulf Daito. Many people from Daito palace who once was friends with Tentei dragged to darkness. To save Daito, our hero knows that he/she need to restore blue castle. The castle of the ancient blue clan who had the strongest magic (Note: Tentei was come from the blue clan). Later on, our hero started to successfully saving people from Daito palace and make friends with them. Our hero also meet many event that will help his/her journey. In the journey, our hero stopped by the blue clan temple. Here, our hero known that blue clan descendant who have 2 blue eyes was stronger in term of magic than the one eyed blue clan (*spoiler alert*). Our heroes keep searching blue clan ancient weapon, one of it was Tentei's sword. This sword needed to stop Daito that little by little engulfed to Makai. . Then, after 4 distrinct in Daito engulfed to Makai and only the palace itself remain, our hero finally ready to challenge the final boss. Here it comes >.<

Then what's it?!! Where they are??!!
Behold of Risu the Game Events Capturer power and see you in the next post! ^^
Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb.

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